Impartial, professional investigations

Sadly workplace complaints can happen at any time.

Choosing who should investigate allegations of misconduct, bullying and harassment or employee dishonesty is one the most important decisions an organisation can make. Whilst the obvious choice is to use the internal HR department to conduct such investigations, often there is good reason to employ the services of an external independent investigator.

In many investigations, there is an actual or perceived conflict of interest with HR or other business

How can we help?

At Comperimus Consulting we have years of experience at acting as independent third party investigators in both the private and public sector. Investigations have been carried out into numerous allegations including:

  • Bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • Sexual and racial harassment
  • Employee theft
  • Fraud
  • Dishonesty by senior management
  • Child protection and social care matters
  • Education based investigations

As holders of the prestigious ASIS PCI (Professional Certified Investigator) qualification as well as qualifications in non-confrontational interviewing techniques, you can be assured that investigations will be completed professionally, diligently and in line with all necessary legislation (for example The Police and Criminal Evidence Act).

  • We will provide a comprehensive investigation report at the conclusion of the investigation, as well as an Executive Summary, and interim reports to keep you updated on the progress of the investigation.
  • It demonstrates that you as an employer take allegations of misconduct seriously, and want to establish the facts and credibility of an allegation.
  • Consultants are independent third party "fact-finders" who play no part in any future activity, be that disciplinary action or future opportunities for all parties involved.
  • The investigator has a clearly defined role - to collect facts and report these facts back to senior management to allow an informed judgement to be made.
  • The investigator is impartial - with no previous knowledge of the personnel involved and therefore no preconceived ideas, you can be assured that all allegations and evidence will be considered at "fact value".
  • Employees who complain are often concerned about a stigma being attached to them, and even if the internal investigator can truly separate what was said in the complaint and act objectively going forward, very often the complainant perceives that the internal investigator will not be able to simply "unhear" what was said in the investigation.
  • HR personnel often wear many hats and committing the time needed to thoroughly investigate a complaint can be difficult with so many demands on their time and expertise.

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